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Curriculum Sharing Event

6th September 2022
9am - 4:30pm 

RCCP accredited MSc Clinical Exercise Physiology programme 

RCCP accredited Clinical Exercise Physiology MSc programmes must ensure that the graduates meet the RCCP Standards of Proficiency, that are in line with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) Standards of Proficiency, and the Clinical Exercise Physiologist Scope of Practice. The RCCP is not directly responsible for the curriculum or competencies as these are established by professional bodies. Therefore, the role of this curriculum framework is to provide information on the required knowledge and skills to be included and developed in taught programmes to be a competent Clinical Exercise Physiologist in the UK.

Clinical Exercise Physiology-UK (CEP-UK) have developed a curriculum framework for an MSc Clinical Exercise Physiology degree that forms part of the Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists (RCCP) degree accreditation.

Information contained within the curriculum framework was circulated for feedback (survey closed 22nd Feb 2022) and ammendments were made before releasing this finalised version. See a summary of the feedback below.

For information on applying for accreditation for your degree programme please see the RCCP website.

Curriculum Framework Feedback

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MSc Clinical Exercise Physiology Curriculum Framework

This document details of the curriculum framework for the RCCP accredited MSc Clinical Exercise Physiology programme.

RCCP Standards of Proficiency

This document details the  RCCP Standards of Proficiency.

Scope of Practice

This document details the  Scope of Practice for a Clinical Exercise Physiologist.


RCCP Accreditation

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